Interests and Skills

John’s extensive and detailed knowledge of uniforms, equipment and how it is worn and used, his study of the behaviour of men in war and his interest in the esoteric makes him a valuable source of information to film-makers, photographers and publishers.

His extensive library of original military manuals and books is a useful resource.

Background – John Rowe

John has studied military history from different eras and countries from an early age; intrigued by the clothing and equipment carried, and a particular interest in behaviour and language including slang. As he explored the subject, his fascination with the psychology and the mindset of the soldier grew.

In addition to his knowledge of a wide range of historical periods, John has been associated with the production of military publications where his interest in British,US and German uniforms, equipment and vehicles developed further.

By 1998 John was utilising his abilities in military history in the film industry, working as an on set equipment and uniform costumier on ‘Saving Private Ryan’

His work in many episodes the TV series ‘Battle Stations’ for Flashback Productions commissioned by CH4 and later shown on the History Channel – was as on set equipment and uniform costumier/advisor and sourcing – he was even occasionally cast as a soldier/sailor! In the course of this series, John helped others to look, dress and conduct themselves correctly as the soldiers etc. being portrayed.

His full time employment with ‘Band of Brothers’ in 2000 gave him a rounded variety of experience which included continuity work.


John can provide an extensive variety of services to the motion picture and entertainment industry including, but not limited to:

  • Military historian and researcher
  • Historical advisor
  • Military and costume adviser for film
  • Costume research and advice
  • Costumer
  • Costume continuity
  • Military equipment and Webbing

John Rowe is based in the UK

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